Unsurpassed with regard to data following sincerity, legitimately compelling production values, and an all-enriching inspirational optimism for our unfolding future...Alfred Lehmberg,

This newly expanded edition released by Vanguard International Cinema, features new compelling evidence and many new bonus features in one of the most comprehensive documentaries ever produced on the historical mass sighting of March 13th 1997. The new Bonus Features section is packed with many new videos:

GEOSPATIAL ANIMATION PROJECT: Image slide show of 3D geospatial images created by Larry Lowe to re-enact multiple eyewitness accounts. WATCH VIDEO

DR. LYNNE'S PHOTOGRAPHS: Image slide show of authenticated photographs taken by Dr. Lynne Kitei.

BRYAN DE FLORES COMMUNICATION ART: Artist Bryan De Flores renderings of visual messages akin to Crop Circles, associated with the Phoenix Lights. VIEW SLIDESHOW

A FILMMAKER'S PERSPECTIVE: Producer / filmmaker, Steve Lantz, describes how the documentary was produced from concept to completion. WATCH VIDEO

FLYOVER VERSUS ORBS: A critical analysis of the differences between craft flyover versus orb formations.

FLARE THEORY DEBUNKED: The most common theory against the reality of the Phoenix Lights countered by expert rebuttal. WATCH VIDEO

MILITARY CRAFT THEORY DEBUNKED: Skeptics theory countered by Steve Lantz, producer of the Phoenix Lights Documentary and a licensed private pilot. WATCH VIDEO

COINCIDENCE? What happened to the MISTI-3 satellite? Unusual gamma ray bursts? Are they related or just coincidence? WATCH VIDEO

NEWS MEDIA MONTAGE: How the Phoenix Lights story broke and unfolded through the TV news media.

ET DISCLOSURE: Apollo astronaut, Dr. Edgar Mitchell Sc.D. explains how the government UFO cover-up began.

A PILOT'S PERSPECTIVE: Commercial / military pilot and Phoenix Lights witness confirms why the Phoenix Lights were not military flares.

FOO FIGHTER EYE WITNESS ACCOUNT: WWII French Air Force pilot comes forward.

TRAILER: The Phoenix Lights Documentary trailer. WATCH TRAILER


The internationally award-winning film, "The Phoenix Lights Documentary," premiered March 13th 2005 at the Harkins Shea-14 Theater in Scottsdale, Arizona to sold-out audiences. Harkins extended the run for five weeks and added additional locations in Arizona, including Prescott and Sedona.

The film won Best Director at the 2005 New York International Independent Film & Video Festival and was an official selection for the 2005 Los Angeles International Independent Film & Video Festival.

The documentary screened at several theaters in California, including a V.I.P. screening at Warner Brothers Studios August 2005, and was presented at several major UFO conferences including the 36th Annual International MUFON Symposium in Denver, Colorado and the X-Conference in Washington, DC.

The Phoenix Lights Documentary won Best Documentary at the First Annual Sci-Fi Festival in Tempe, Arizona and was nominated Best Documentary Feature at the San Fernando Valley International Film Festival, March 2006.

On March 12th, 2006 the documentary was presented in three exclusive shows at the Harkins Shea-14 Theatre in Scottsdale, Arizona in celebration of the 9th anniversary of the event. The first two shows completely sold out the largest theater. Also in March, the film screened at The Hericane Festival of Women's Art in Saskatoon, Canada.

In May 2006, The Phoenix Lights Documentary was an Official Selection at the New Jersey International Film & Screenplay Festival where it was nominated for Best Documentary Feature. In addition, the film was officially selected into the Rhode Island International Film Festival and the Gloria Film Festival where it also received a Best Documentary Feature nomination.

In August 2006, The Phoenix Lights Documentary sold out Landmarks' Crossroads Cinema in Boulder, Colorado. A year earlier, the documentary sold out a large theater in Nevada City, California. The large turnout was very unusual for such a small town which prompted the theater to add two additional screenings.

In October 2006, the film was an Official Selection at the FAIF International Film Festival (Mann's Chinese Theater in Hollywood), the Westwood International Film Festival, Australian International Film Festival and the Brilliant Light Festival in Los Angeles. To date, the film has received three nominations for Best Documentary Feature and two international awards for Best Documentary Feature and Best Director.

Currently the film is being distributed by Vanguard Cinema. The documentary has been available at Netflix, Hollywood Video, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Best Buys, Target, Fryes Electronics and many other chains and nationally on pay-per-view cable networks.

For complete information on the Phoenix Lights event, visit the official Phoenix Lights website at The website includes comprehensive information, photos, forensic evidence, slideshows, videos, a movie trailer and a store to order the book or DVD.

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